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Fuller's Lawn Care now licensed for Pest control in yards.

Hello all,

I have just been certified and licensed for commercial pesticide use on ornamentals and turfgrass by the State of North Carolina. To get this license I had to complete a course with North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and pass several tests. Now, in addition to the yard care I provide, mowing, trimming, leaf cleanouts, etc., I can now also provide pest services to meet your needs.

You may or may not know but, anyone other than you the home owner needs to be licensed to apply pesticides on your home. Even if these pesticides are sold at Lowe’s or Home Depot. That would be for insects, weeds, diseases, or fungi. This law helps protect you and the environment and also saves you money as the training and testing I have received helps me assure I identify the correct pest, use safe application methods, and advise you the proper amount of time to stay out of your yard for your safety.

One of the more interesting concepts I learned is the healthier your yard, shrubs, flowers, and trees the less chemicals will be necessary to control the pests in your yard. Only the stressed/weakened pine trees are attacked by pine beetles. Fungus grows on yards that lack drainage, have compacted soil, that are not properly fertilized and mowed correctly. Your Dogwood that is always having issues may not be planted in the proper environment or the environment has changed surrounding it. The weeds in your yard are there because your stand of grass has thinned out enough to give the weeds a place to grow. The money you would spend to fix these issues may be required again if you don’t fix the root of the problem. There is typically a reason your plants need help, otherwise they hold their own and keep going.

In closing, I’m still taking on new clients for the 2019 year. I would love to help improve your home’s value by creating a beautiful landscape in your yard.

I can be reached at (919) 889 0863 or

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